Professor Jim Dornan

Professor Jim Dornan
Professor Jim Dornan, who hails from Belfast Northern Ireland, is a sitting RCOG Council International Fellow with responsibility for S Asia. During his tenure as Senior Vice president of the College ('04-'07), Jim helped establish the expansion of the College's Global Health Office, whose work is now recognised with such importance in Regent's Park and beyond.

He encouraged close working arrangements with many sister Colleges and Schools and, working particularly closely with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, introduced the joint Emergency Obstetric Course for use particularly in rural under resourced settings.

His academic interests, as the Chair of Fetal Medicine at Queens University in Belfast, have centred on the Biophysical Assessment of fetal wellbeing and the study of fetal behaviour, particularly associated with maternal alcohol intake.

He also holds a Chair in Health & Life Sciences with the University of Ulster where he has done much work on Folate deficiency, placental imaging and Fetal Heart variability.

He has recently retired from the NHS, but remains active both clinically and in the international woman's health arena.

Professor Dornan is married to a fellow MFM consultant, Samina, and he has recently published his first non academic novel.