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The Committee reserves the right to decide on the final method of presentation. Details of the available methods of presentation can be found below.

If an abstract is accepted for presentation, at least one author must pay the registration fee to attend the Congress.


• Selected presenting authors will be notified if their submission has been successful by 21 March 2013. Full guidelines for preparation of presentations will be given at this stage.
• For any queries, please contact the Scientific Secretariat at info@rcog2013.com


Abstracts will be published in a World Congress online supplement of BJOG. Abstracts will only be published in the online supplement upon receipt of the registration fee for the Congress.

If published through BJOG, the abstracts will be available to access free online and will also be indexed by ISI as well as having the quality stamp of being associated with BJOG. They will be citable and will have a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) which will make the abstracts very easy to find, even if the location where they are hosted were to change.


Abstracts will be considered for the following methods of presentation.

Oral presentation
• The time allotted for each oral presentation is 10 minutes – 7 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion.
• Authors will be required to bring their powerpoint presentation on a memory stick to the Congress to upload and run from the Secretariat’s computer.

Platform poster presentation
• The time allotted for each platform poster presentation is 5 minutes – 3 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion
• Upon acceptance, poster authors will be sent a link to design and upload their e-poster.
• The image of the author’s e-poster will be projected on to the screen during their presentation. The author will not be required to prepare powerpoint slides.

Video presentation
• The time allocated for each video presentation is 10 minutes – 7 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion.
• Authors must submit a written abstract via the online system.
• Authors who are selected to present their work as a ‘video’ will be required to submit the video to the Congress Organisers at the latest 1 month prior to the Congress. Full instruction on how to submit your video will be given to authors upon acceptance.

Electronic Poster
• Posters will be prominently displayed on 55” plasma screens in the exhibition hall.
• Posters will also be available on a bank of dedicated poster workstations searchable by different criteria.
• Accepted abstracts will be published in an online BJOG World Congress supplement.


Electronic Poster – further details
• All posters will be displayed electronically at the Congress. No hard copy posters will be on display.
• Upon acceptance, poster authors will be sent a link to design and upload their e-poster.
• The RCOG will provide 2 dedicated viewing areas within the Exhibition Hall to view e-posters.
• Large plasma screens will be available for ‘on demand’ viewing.
• Your e-poster will also be available to view throughout the Congress at leisure on a bank of dedicated poster workstations.
• The e-Poster system enables users to browse by poster sections and features, allowing users to search for specific content, to comment on posters and to ask questions to authors.
• E-posters can also be viewed on personal laptops, iPads, etc.
• An online viewing poster gallery will be available after the Congress.
• The innovative software is designed to make the design and upload of your e-poster possible in just 10 minutes. Round the clock support will be available to assist authors where necessary.
• As you will have uploaded your poster in advance there is no need to print and carry a poster to the meeting. This will save you the time and costs associated with printing and reduce the carbon footprint of the meeting.

Complex Case Studies
Trainees who submit an abstract deemed to be a complex case can request that it is ALSO considered for presentation in the ‘Stump the Experts’ Session on Tuesday 25 June. Please tick the relevant box on the submission site if you would like your case to be considered. If selected, the presenting author will be notified in advance of the Congress and will be invited to the podium to put the case to the expert panel. A prize will be awarded to any trainee who manages to ‘Stump the Experts’.


• Authors whose work is selected for presentation as a platform poster, video or e-poster will be required to upload their poster or video to the e-poster submission site by Tuesday 28th May 2013.

• Authors are required to pay a fee for the e-poster service of £42 (including VAT) per submission. This should be paid via the e-poster submission site. Full instruction will be given upon acceptance.

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